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Please enjoy this selection of art from the Hervey Bay Art Society Members. If you enjoy what you see please come and visit us at Gallery 5 to see more. We always have a fine selection of artwork being exhibited. Our current Gallery 5 exhibitions are shown here.

The art society is very appreciative to the member artists who have allowed their work to be displayed online.

Hervey Bay Art Society Members – please check out how to have your own online Member’s Gallery Page.

Rolf Sieber

Rolf was born in Leipzig – Germany and from an early age he was interested in painting and sketching things around him. After his basic education, he started an …

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Violetta Sandry

Violetta Sandry works in oil, pastel and watercolour. After retiring from a teaching career of 33 years, she decided to try her hand at art. Attending …

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Tom Nott

Being a self taught artist for most of my life and always wanting to be an artist like [my] grandfather Nott. I joined the Hervey Bay Art Society in 2010 after visiting …

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Jeanette Lewis

Encouraged by an Aunt of mine whilst still at high school I started private art classes. Together we were tutored in oil painting by a Sydney professional artist…

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Paul Barnes

Migrating from the UK to Australia in 1969 Paul has worked variously as: a retail manager, technical illustrator …

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Janine Hunt

I am largely a self-taught painter, though I attended classes for two years on the Sunshine Coast learning the principles of art and design …

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Paul Neale

Paul Neale works mainly in pastel. Paul got involved in art after doing a drawing course with Brett A Jones at Gallery 5 in 2013. Since then he has specialised …

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Shanti Rahal

I have always had an interest in art and at age 33 enrolled in a Fine Arts Certificate Course at East Sydney Technical College, Darlinghurst, NSW. I majored …

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Ann Beach

I am a Tonal Realist Painter, painting in oils and pastels. I learnt this method 40 years ago, attending a Tonal painting school …

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Genevieve Neale

Genevieve Neale works mainly in pastel. Genevieve got involved in art after doing a drawing course with Brett A Jones at Gallery 5 in 2013. Since then …

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Jill Byrnes

Jill studied and practised art at school to advanced level in Year 12. Career and raising a family took her away from art as a practise, but travel …

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Sonja Clifford

Sonja started painting whilst living in Saudi Arabia in the 1990’s – when “both time and money became available to experiment”. Her main …

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Carol Perry

I came to Australia from the UK in my late teens and although my venture into watercolour painting came later in life, I have always had an interest in all …

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Carole Rowe

I have been interested in art from an early age but my passion lay mostly dormant until my husband and I retired. After moving to Hervey Bay in 2011, I joined the …

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