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Some of Jill Byrnes’ Art

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Jill Byrnes Artist Profile

Artists Jill Byrnes at work in Gallery 5

Jill studied and practised art at school to advanced level in Year 12. Career and raising a family took her away from art as a practise, but travel provided the opportunity to visit many art galleries. She lived and worked in northern Australia for many years, where the vast landscapes of saturated colour and light inspired her.

In the past 5 years, she took up art practise again, and recently joined the Hervey Bay Art Society, where she has benefited from some excellent teachers, and received some commendations as an ‘emerging artist’. She enjoys exploring many different media including pastel, charcoal, watercolour, gouache and ink, and styles from realism to abstract expressionism. She is particularly drawn to the post-impressionist and fauvist styles of art.

Jill finds the shapes and colours in the landscape fascinating, and uses semi-abstraction to highlight these aspects. She aims to depict the energy, essence or spirit that she senses/feels in landscapes and trees, and uses colour to express this. The loss of wildlife habitat and biodiversity is a theme in her art at times. She also enjoys abstract expressionism because of the ability to use pure colour, shape and line to explore a theme.

You can contact Jill on 0457 454 867.