Welcome to the Hervey Bay Art Society at Gallery 5

Welcome to the Hervey Bay Art Society all art aficionados, artists and those who wish to explore something new.

Gallery 5, our fine art gallery and studio, is open 7 days a week and always has superb local art on display and for sale.

The Art Society conducts tutored workshops and social painting groups throughout the year. Members and non-members always welcome.

We look forward to seeing you at our gallery and hope you visit soon.

Gallery 5 is currently operating under a COVID Safe Plan.

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Of Special Interest

2022 Members’ Annual Exhibition (Coming Soon)

The premier annual event at Gallery 5 – The Members Annual Exhibition is on soon at Gallery 5.

This exhibition is open to all financial members of the Hervey Bay Art Society. Entries are now open and close Fri Sep 16, 2022. All members are encouraged to enter – get your artwork out there and on display. Entry forms and Conditions of Entry can be found here.

The opening will be held on Sat Oct 15, 2022 and the exhibition runs from Oct 15 – Nov 17, 2022. Please come and see this exhibition when it is on – there is always beautiful local artwork on display at this exhibition.

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Basic Art Skills with Mark Brose – a series of 12 classes beginning Aug 14, 2022 (Coming Soon)

This series of 12 classes is for beginner or emerging artists who wish to explore the basic skills required to draw better and understand colour.

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Pastels with Passion with Lynn Munn – a series of 6 pastel workshops beginning Aug 3, 2022 (On Now)

This series of six classes is for those who already have an interest in pastels and wish to develop their skills in this medium.

During this six session series attendees will expand their knowledge and skills with pastels. Topics include: preparation, paper types, understanding value, underpainting, creating textures, using highlight and lowlights and layering.

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Print with Passion Exhibition – a special exhibition of the Printmaking Group beginning Aug 3, 2022 (On Now)

This special exhibition displays the works of the Hervey Bay Art Society’s printing group art sessions.

Please come and view this exhibition of beautiful works while it is on.

If you are interested in learning how to produce your own prints then please consider attending the ‘Prints & Works on Paper’ art sessions. These sessions are held twice a month and are very popular and well conducted.

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What We’re About and How to Join in

Competitions and Exhibitions

Shown is sample painting (cropped) from current Monthly Members (Landscapes) Exhibition.

There are exhibitions on display year round at the art society’s fine art gallery Gallery 5.

The current exhibitions are the Print with Passion Exhibition, the Member’s Aug 2022 Landscapes Exhibition, the Members General Exhibition, the Members 3D Exhibition, and the Online Members Gallery Exhibition.

There are more than 100 fine artworks on display now. Visit us at Gallery 5 and take a look. A work of fine art makes a great acquisition or gift and can be enjoyed forever.

Entry Forms are now available for the 2022 Members’ Annual Exhibition.

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Art Education

We conduct regular art sessions and workshops throughout the year. You can choose from tutored workshops and art classes or social painting groups. Members and visitors always welcome. Read More>

Mark Brose is conducting a ‘Basic Art Skills’ workshop over 12 Monday afternoons from Aug 14, 2022. This workshop is aimed at beginner or emerging artists to explore basic skills. Read More>

Tony Lewis is conducting an ‘Acrylics Variations’ workshop over 4 Saturday mornings in Aug 2022. His last course was very well received. If you wish to learn or get better at using the versatile medium that is acrylic painting then this is the workshop for you. Read More>

Lynn Munn is conducting a ‘Pastels with Passion’ workshop over 6 Wednesday afternoons in Aug 2022. If you have an interest in pastels and wish to develop your skills then this is the workshop for you. Read More>

Mark Brose is conducting a ‘Beyond Basics’ workshop over 15 Tuesday afternoons from Aug 2, 2022. These classes are for those who wish to improve their skills in Watercolour, using pen and acrylic composition. Read More>

Life Drawing has returned to Gallery 5 👍. Sessions are being held on 1st and 3rd Thursday afternoons of the month beginning Thu Apr 7, 2022. There is no better way to improve your art than by drawing from life. Read More>

Kerri Dixon is conducting regular fortnightly Art Classes on Monday mornings and Monday afternoons (N.B. Monday afternoons not being held Jul 2022) at Gallery 5. The class is specialising in wildlife and nature art in soft pastels, charcoal & graphite. Read More>

You can also to find out what activities are happening and upcoming.

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New members will receive a warm welcome at the Hervey Bay Art Society.

Membership gives you the opportunity to contribute to Fraser Coast’s cultural vibrancy, to hone your art skills, to display (and sell) your works and to mix with fellow artists and art enthusiasts.

The annual membership fee for new members is just $35. Renewal fee for on-going membership is $30.

To find out more about becoming a member go here.

If you are an existing member go here to find our events schedule, forms, rosters, manuals, exhibition rules and procedures and resources.

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Friends of Gallery 5 is a social network of people (non HBAS members) who support the visual arts in Hervey Bay by supporting Gallery 5 and the Hervey Bay Art Society.

If you think you may be interested in contributing to the cultural vibrancy of the Fraser Coast – please consider becoming a friend Gallery 5.

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Visit or Contact Us

Visit us at Gallery 5 located at 5 Sandy St, Urangan, Qld. Gallery 5 is open daily and entry is free. Read More>

Contact us by

If you do visit Gallery 5 we would love your feedback. Please post a review on Google or .

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About Us

Gallery 5 Fine Art Gallery & Studio – Home of the Hervey Bay Art Society

Hervey Bay Art Society is a not for profit organisation run to promote participation and interest in the arts.

We value individual creativity and lifelong learning. We promote this through a variety of value-for-money activities.

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August’s featured artist is Ann Beach.

Our online member’s gallery exhibits a selection of our society member’s art. Read More>

Our featured artist this month is Ann Beach.

For Ann, more than anything, painting is fun. You meet a lot of like minded artists along the way. Everyone develops their own style and that’s why belonging to an Artist society is beneficial.

Go here to see more of Ann’s works in our online member’s gallery.

If you enjoy the online gallery please come and visit Gallery 5 to see more artworks.

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Latest News


The art society issues monthly newsletters which are available to members and visitors.

The current newsletter is Aug 2022. Read More>

If you wish to be notified of newsletters as they are published go here to follow.

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Our Current and Recent Sponsors

The art society strives to promote art in the Fraser Coast region. We are very appreciative of the support we receive from our generous sponsors in helping us do this.

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Grant Acknowledgements

Since the formation of the Hervey Bay Art Society we have been fortunate and grateful to receive a number of grants which has enhanced our ability to execute our mission of encouraging appreciation of and participation in the arts in the Hervey Bay Region.

We would particularly like to acknowledge the Queensland Government and the Fraser Coast Regional Council. From their Gambling Benefit Fund and Community Grants Scheme respectively, we have received generous grant support in recent years. This has assisted us in providing high quality services and facilities to our members and to the community.

Our most recent grant was in Nov 2021 when the Art Society was approved for a grant in round 4 of the 2021-2022 Fraser Coast Council Rapid Response Community Grants. This Grant was to assist with the costs of running a skills workshop with well respected tutor and artist Pauline Adair. Read More>

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