Online Member’s Gallery – How To Obtain an Online Member’s Gallery Page


An online member’s gallery has been part of the Hervey Bay Art Society Website since December 2020. It’s purpose is to showcase it’s member artists and their art works. It is being published to promote interest in the Hervey Bay Art Society, in it’s member artists and in art in general.

What Will Be Displayed

Up to 10 works of art will be displayed for each artist in a tiled gallery format which can then be selected and displayed one by one in a full screen slideshow format.

A profile of the member along with contact details and links to artist’s sites or social media.

To see what the online member’s gallery looks like and the information other member artists have provided you can look here.

How to Add Yourself and Your Works

Any current member who is currently eligible to hang their works in Gallery 5 general hanging is eligible to have their works displayed online in the member’s gallery – basically any members who are current active volunteers.

To have a Member’s gallery page added for yourself submit the following details in an email to the Hervey Bay Webmaster at Please send this email from the email address you entered on your membership form. This will aid in member verification. The details to be provided are:

  • Details about yourself to be published as your profile. This is up to the individual but should include name, something of your art background, your art experience and what you like about art. You are free to provide links to your own web page or social media page. You are also free to provide whatever contact details you wish to advertise. The profile should be art related only – e.g. we won’t be publishing links to anyone’s lawn mowing business. This profile information can be provided in the text of an email or an attached file with a format of txt, rtf or odf. Do not attach a word document.
  • A photo of yourself provided as an email attachment file or a link to a file. This is optional. If provided this photo will be displayed in your profile. If provided the file should be no larger than .5 megabytes and have no dimension (width or height) larger than 1000 pixels . It should be provided in either jpg or png format.
  • Between 2 (min) and 10 (max) photos (or scans) of your artwork provided as separate attachment files or links to such files. Each of these files should be no larger than .5 megabytes and have no dimension (width or height) larger than 1000 pixels. They should be provided in either jpg or png format. Watermarked images will be accepted as long as the image is still attractive to view. Titles and any other information you wish published should be provided for each work.

All members are encouraged to have a member’s gallery page. There will be no curation as to the standard of artworks and all artwork that a member wishes to display will be accepted. However, poor photographs of artwork may not be – e.g. blurred, off kilter, distorted or those with bad lighting may all be rejected. Photos submitted should be a fair representation of the depicted art. Any photos of paintings deemed by the Hervey Bay Art Society Management to be objectionable may also be rejected. Basically the same criteria will be used as when artwork is physically hung in Gallery 5.

If anyone has enquiries or feedback please email the Hervey Bay Art Society Webmaster at


Why Should I Bother Having a Member’s Gallery Page?

When the idea was floated of having a Member’s Gallery on the Hervey Bay Art Society website it received good feedback. So there has been official support and interest in the idea. So whether it is worth the effort is really up to each member. Every member who is an active volunteer is more than welcome to submit work. The more members submit work, the more interesting the Members gallery will be, and the more likely it will be to generate interest and hopefully visits and activity at Gallery 5.

Anyone who has an Online Member’s Gallery page (and also anyone who doesn’t) feel free to promote it – all the individual Online Gallery pages and the Main Online Member’s Gallery Page itself have ‘share’ buttons for the major social media sites so promote our society by sharing links to these pages.

Will My Gallery Page Have a Prominent Position?

The main Member’s Gallery List of Artists Page has to be in some order. Some artists will appear near the start and some near the end. Each month the artist listed last on the page will be moved to the top of the list (once there are more than 15 artists the bottom 3 will be moved each month). Everyone will gradually move to the back then be placed at the front again . So every artist will get the same treatment. The plan at this stage is to have a new artist mentioned as a monthly featured artist on the home page of this web site and on our facebook page each month.

Are the Images of my Artwork Safe on the Gallery?

No they are not. Any image that can be displayed on a screen can be easily copied and distributed. Of course any photo an artist takes of their work of art has automatic copyright but it would be a matter for the artist to enforce this if it was found this was being abused. If desired, watermarked photos will be accepted from artists for display in the member’s gallery but it is up to the artist to supply.

How Do I Photograph my Artwork?

There are many articles on the web about photographing artwork which can be found with an internet search engine.

Some of the basics are

  • Photograph your painting away from household lights. Household lights add a yellow cast.
  • Photograph works on paper prior to placing under glass to stop reflections.
  • Photograph the work outside in an upright position in natural but filtered (not dappled) daylight.
  • Hold your camera parallel to the painting
  • Hold your breath when you press the shutter to avoid shaking (or if really serious use a tripod)
  • take a number of photos – keep the best

How Do I Resize my Photos to be less than .5MB and dimensions less than 1000 px?

There are many articles on the web about how to resize, reformat, crop, rotate photographs which can be found with an internet search engine.

Paint comes standard with Windows 10. It will do cropping and resizing. GIMP is a very good free graphics manipulation program. Free image resizing programs and web sites are ubiquitous on the internet.

How long will a Members Gallery Page remain Published?

A members gallery page will remain published while the member remains a current financial member of the Hervey Bay Art Society and is engaged in active volunteering for the Society.

If a member wishes to remove or alter their Member’s Gallery Page then please contact the Hervey Bay Webmaster at

It is planned that requests for modifications will be processed within 2 weeks of receipt.

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