Acknowledgement of Grant to Refurbish Unisex Amenities Block from Gambling Benefit Fund (2020)

In Jan 2020 The Hervey Bay Art Society received a grant of $25,800 in round 102 of the Gambling Benefit Fund (Queensland State Government) for the project of the refurbishment of our unisex amenities block.

With this grant, in May 2020, we were able to refurbish and renovate our existing unisex ambulant toilet facilities to increase the amenity for members and visitors by

  • Upgrading the existing unisex ambulant toilet to a disabled (accessible) one.
  • Improve and extend tiling, improve the lighting, add ventilation, clad existing breeze block walls, hide exposed pipes.
  • Improve the quality of fixtures and fittings.
  • Replace existing asbestos containing ceiling.
  • Install a new washbasin with disabled friendly taps, soap dispenser and hand towel dispenser.
  • Modify the entrance threshold to accommodate disabled/wheelchair access.
New entrance door and entrance threshold
Refurbished facility including accessible toilet, cladding over pipes and breeze block, with hygienic floor to ceiling tiles.
Refurbished facilities including new accessible basin

This work has been greatly appreciated by our art society members and our many gallery visitors, particularly those with mobility issues.

This project was made possible by:

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