Rules for Monthly Members Art Exhibitions (pre 2022)

The rules specified on this page apply to monthly competitions held pre 2022. For the current rules go here.

Rules for Monthly Member Art Exhibitions

  • Only current financial members of the Hervey Bay Art Society are eligible to enter.
  • Each member is limited to 3 entries in the competition
  • An entry must not have received a 1st or 2nd prize at any art exhibition
  • Each entry must be an original work of the artist submitting the painting and be in keeping with the theme stated for the competition. Copies, photography, computer generated images are not acceptable.
  • Paintings cannot be entered into the same monthly themed exhibition in subsequent years.
  • All entries must be for sale. The commission rate will be that applicable to each individual member at the time (see members handbook for rates).
  • Paintings sold may be taken by the purchaser upon completion of payment and after the competition has been judges.
  • Unsold paintings should not be collected before the next scheduled exhibition without the Gallery coordinator’s permission. Members may take their paintings after 12 noon on the Thursday prior to the Friday exhibition and gallery changeover.

Additional Details About Painting Presentation


  • D-Hooks MUST be attached to the back of each frame with a cord or wire strung between them to allow safe handling and hanging. Affix the D-hooks no more than a quarter of the way down from the top of the artwork.
  • Your name, the title, medium and price are to be clearly displayed on the back of each artwork.
  • The title of the work should be 25 characters or less.
  • No painting shall exceed 122cm on any side.
  • Stretched canvasses are to be painted on all sides or suitably framed. Other paper works are to be suitably framed. All other works are to be presented in a manner appropriate to its media.
  • Paintings or other artworks will not be hung if they are not presented in a professional manner or if, in the opinion of the Gallery 5 Curator or HBAS executive, the artwork is considered to be unsuitable in any way for hanging.


Paintings are hung at the member’s own risk. The Hervey Bay Art Society Inc. (Gallery 5) accepts no responsibility whatsoever for damage or or loss of an artwork by any means. Any member displaying artworks in gallery 5 agrees to indemnify the Hervey Art Society against any such damage or loss of their artworks.

Monthly Member Art Exhibition Schedule

To see what the schedule is for upcoming monthly member exhibitions please refer to the Members Monthly Exhibitions Schedule or the Hervey Bay Art Society Yearly Schedule.

Monthly Member Art Exhibition Judging

Charles West Cope RA, The Council of the Royal Academy selecting Pictures for the Exhibition, 1875, 1876. © Photo: Royal Academy of Arts, London. Photographer: John Hammond . This image is released under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND

The monthly member art exhibition is judged separately by two members from the Gallery 5 Judging Panel. The 2 judges’ scores are then collated and the prize winners are those with the highest scores.

Each judge score a mark out of 25 – weighted as per the following criteria:

Visual Impact / Expression (10)

  • Composition attracts the viewer.
  • Mood is well established.
  • Composition directs the eye effectively.
  • Colour & medium are used expressively.
  • Productive use of light and dark.

Technical Skills & Command of Medium (10)

  • Application of the medium is appropriate for the chosen subject / style and is implemented to a high standard.
  • The elements of art: shape, form, line, colour, value, texture & space are well applied.
  • Effective application of the principles of art: balance, contrast (variety), emphasis (focus), harmony (unity), movement (rhythm), pattern, proportion/scale.
  • Displays a grasp of the technical aspects specific to the chosen medium & style.

Presentation (5)

  • Artwork is clean and tidy.
  • If framed, the framing is complementary to the artwork (expense of frame is not relevant).
  • If unframed, all edges are well covered and complementary to the artwork.
  • Artwork is complete and ready for sale.
  • Overall presentation does not detract from the artwork and adds value to the piece.

The rules specified on this page apply to monthly competitions held pre 2022. For the current rules go here.

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