Hanging Artworks in General Area of Gallery 5 (pre 2022)

The rules specified on this page apply to General Section Exhibitions held pre 2022. For the current rules go here.

Who can display paintings?

Only financial members who volunteer regularly (at least 3 hours per month or 36 hours per annum) are eligible to hang artworks in the general area of Gallery 5.


Paintings are hung at the member’s own risk. The Hervey Bay Art Society Inc. (Gallery 5) accepts no responsibility whatsoever for damage or or loss of an artwork by any means. Any member displaying artworks in gallery 5 agrees to indemnify the Hervey Art Society against any such damage or loss of their artworks.

Number of Artworks

Members who are eligible to display their artworks are entitled to the following:

  • Up to four (4) artworks in the general hanging section but these must not exceed a total of 1.2 meters in length along one side.
  • An individual artwork shall not exceed 120cm on any one side.
  • One small framed artwork and one miniature artwork entered into the Miniature & Small Works Exhibition. No side of the frame to exceed 50 cm.
  • Two unframed but matted artworks to be on sale in our display stands.


  • All artworks MUST be the artist’s own original work. No photographs or computer generated images are allowed.
  • Each artwork MUST be for sale.
  • General Hanging artworks can be hung once every three months.


  • D-Hooks MUST be attached to the back of each frame with a cord or wire strung between them to allow safe handling and hanging. Affix the D-hooks no more than a quarter of the way down from the top of the artwork.
  • Your name, the title, medium and price are to be clearly displayed on the back of each artwork.
  • Stretched canvasses are to be painted on all sides or suitably framed. Other paper works are to be suitably framed. All other works are to be presented in a manner appropriate to its media.
  • Paintings or other artworks will not be hung if they are not presented in a professional manner or if, in the opinion of the Gallery 5 Curator or HBAS executive, the artwork is considered to be unsuitable in any way for hanging.

Removal of Artworks

Artworks displayed in the Members’ Display Area will be changed monthly or as scheduled. Members must remove their artworks when requested to do so. Artworks not removed on time may become the property of the art society or disposed of by any means seen fit.

Commission on Artworks Sold

All paintings sold in the gallery are subject to commission as set out below:

Office Bearers15%
Regular Weekly Volunteers20%
Other Regular Volunteers25%
Non Volunteers *35%

* Non Volunteers don’t qualify to hang paintings so this rate doesn’t apply. Applies only for non Member General Exhibitions where entry fees are paid.

Guidelines as per Hervey Bay Art Society Handbook 2020.

To see what the schedule is for upcoming members general exhibitions please refer to the Hervey Bay Art Society Yearly Schedule which can be found here.

The rules specified on this page apply to General Section Exhibitions held pre 2022. For the current rules go here.

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