Gallery 5 Library

Gallery 5 library books

Hervey Bay Art Society owns books and magazines that are available for art society members to peruse and, in the case of the books, borrow.

There is a bookshelf near the kitchen filled with wonderful books about art. These books are available to peruse anytime at the gallery and can also be borrowed. A borrowing book is attached to the shelves. The borrowing process will be to sign out one item at a time which must be co-signed by another member. Two weeks is the maximum borrowing time and upon returning the item sign it back in. A simple process but one that must be followed if the society is to retain these older quality art references.

Art Magazines are stored in the front workshop cupboards. Due to many publishing companies closing down there are no longer any Australian art magazines published. This means the art society collection is very important and should not be taken from the gallery. Please respect the reasoning behind this requirement and cherish these art magazines.

Gallery 5 Library – magazines

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