Displaying 3D Artworks in Gallery 5 (pre 2022)

The rules specified on this page apply to 3D artworks displayed pre 2022. For the current rules go here.

Who can display 3D Artworks?

The aim of the Hervey Bay Art Society Inc. (the Art Society) is to acquire artwork that is original and unique to our gallery.

Only financial members can display artefacts in the 3D Gallery area set aside for that purpose.


Artefacts are displayed at the member’s own risk. The Art Society takes all care but accepts no responsibility whatsover for any damage to or loss of an article by any means. Any member displaying one or more articles in the Art Society’s Gallery agrees to indemnify the Art Society against any such damage or loss to their goods.

Number of 3D Artwork pieces and presentation

  • This will be at the discretion of the 3D Exhibition Coordinator and subject to available space.
  • Pieces will be displayed and moved around the cabinets or plinths at discretion of 3D coordinator only.
  • The cabinets are only to be opened at time of sale by the person on duty, or by the 3D coordinator at time of delivery, change of display or cleaning of shelves.


  • All works are to be original and high quality completely designed, handcrafted, or sculptured by the exhibiting artist. NO COPIES IN ANY FORM
  • All works are to be passed for display by Gallery 5 3D Exhibition Coordinator.
  • Works can remain on display for three months. Artists will then be advised to remove them or replace with more works.
  • The 3D coordinator must be advised when new works are being delivered to arrange for the items to be displayed.
  • Members must remove their artwork when asked to do so. Artwork no removed may at the discretion, become the property of the Art Society and disposed of by any means that they see fit.

Members are responsible for maintaining a record of the 3D artwork they have displayed in the Gallery.

Follow this procedure:

  • In the folder marked “3D Artwork” which is kept on the front counter take an artist’s list from from the plastic sleeve and complete it. This becomes your form.
  • Place the form in the folder in alphabetical order.
  • Complete a temporary gallery card (from the folder) for each of your artwork and place this with the artwork.

Removing unsold 3D Artwork pieces

  • The 3D coordinator must be advised when work is to be removed from the cabinets or plinths to arrange for the items to be removed.
  • Record the removal of the work on the artist from in the 3D Artwork book.

Commission on 3D Artworks Sold

All artwork sold in the Gallery is subject to commission as set out below:

Office Bearers & All Co-ordinators15%
Regular Weekly Volunteers20%
Other Regular Volunteers25%
Non Volunteers35%

Note: The normal rate of commission is 35%. This is the rate applied to any paintings or 3D artwork sold at the Gallery but for these exhibition sales volunteers pay the reduced rate above that applies to them.

To receive discounted commission rates members must volunteer regularly at least 3hrs permonth (or 36 hours per annum) in the Gallery.

  • The transaction is to be recorded appropriately.
  • Bubble wrap is available to wrap the purchased article.

2017 Guidelines For 3D Artworks ver.2

The rules specified on this page apply to 3D artworks displayed pre 2022. For the current rules go here.

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