Displaying 3D Artworks & Unframed Matted Artworks in Gallery 5

Rules for 3D Artworks & Unframed Matted Artworks

  • Any financial member who has volunteered for a minimum of 3 hours per month can display 3D Art and/or Unframed Matted Artworks at any time.
  • Each item must be processed through the registry or given to the 3D Coordinator.
  • Each item must be clearly labelled with the Artist’s name, artwork title and price.
  • Unframed Matted Artworks are to be sealed in cellophane in a clean, presentable manner.
  • Up to three larger 3D pieces or five smaller 3D pieces can be displayed.
  • Up to five Unframed Matted Artworks can be displayed in the provided display shelves.
  • 3D Artworks and Unframed Matted Artworks must be refreshed regularly to keep the display vibrant and fresh.

All artworks must be for sale and be your own original work.  No photographs or computer-generated images are allowed unless a specific competition / section is arranged for those mediums.


  • Only current financial members’ artworks or other acquired artworks can be installed at Gallery 5
  • No paintings shall exceed 122cm on any one side.  
  • D hooks must be attached to the back to nay artwork installed on gallery walls.  Fix the hooks no more than ¼ of the way down from the top of the painting.  
  • A wire or strong string is to be attached to the D hooks. 
  • Artist’s name, the title, medium and price are to be clearly displayed on the back. 
  • Artworks that have been awarded 1st or 2nd Prize in any previous art competition must not be re-entered into future competitions.
  • Artworks to be entered or displayed must be brought in on scheduled changeover days between 9am – 10:30am.
  • Artworks from concluding displays are to be collected either after 2pm on the Thursday prior to the changeover or on the changeover Friday morning. When an artwork is collected it must be signed out on the artwork registry.
  • Artworks not collected during changeover will be temporarily stored at the artist’s own risk and should be promptly picked up from the storeroom.
  • Large 3D installations can be displayed when space allows or the artwork fits the theme of that monthly competition. This is to be negotiated with HBAS Executive.

Emerging Artists: Members can nominate themselves as an ‘Emerging Artist’ in a given medium or competition and will be judged accordingly. Feedback will be provided by judges. When an artist has been awarded best emerging artist or similar three times, they are deemed proficient and no longer eligible to be classified as emerging in that medium. Please advise upon entry of artworks.

Presentation:  Stretched canvasses should be neatly painted on all sides.  All framed works must be suitably and securely framed.  Artworks will not be installed if they are not presented in a professional manner or if, in the opinion of the Committee, the artworks are unsuitable.

Risk:  Artworks are installed at the member’s own risk.  The Hervey Bay Art Society Inc. accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damage to, or loss of a painting by any means.  Any member hanging one or more paintings in the art society’s gallery agrees to indemnify the art society against any such damage to or loss of any artwork.

For the safety of members and visitors, no one except installation team members are to enter the installation zone unless directed to do so by an installation team member.

Commission: All artworks sold in the gallery are subject to commission as set out below:

Major Office Bearers, Life Members & members who volunteer every week.10%
Members who volunteer for 6 hours or more every month15%
Members who volunteer once a month (minimum of 3 hours)20%
Members who cannot volunteer35%

The ‘Rules For 3D Artworks & Unframed Matted Artworks in Gallery 5’ specified above were issued on 26/11/2021 and apply from this date. The previous rules (2017 guidelines for 3D Artworks ver.2) can be found here.

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