Art Copyright Notes

This website – – displays images of works of art by a variety of artists, mainly those of Hervey Bay Art Society Members.

The website displays images of works of art to publicise the Hervey Bay Art Society and the artists involved.

The website displays images of works of art as per terms and conditions of competitions that the Hervey Bay Art Society runs, or as per Hervey Bay Art Society Membership terms and conditions (as per membership forms and members handbook), or as per individual agreements with the artists involved.

The copyright of any work of art shown in this website resides with the artist who created the original work. Any further reproduction of any work must be in consultation with the artist.

All articles, information and photographs of person’s and artist’s works published in any media by the Hervey Bay Art Society are subject to copyright laws. Individuals or organisations wishing to publish or reproduce any materials for commercial, educational or other uses are requested to contact the Management Committee.

Any Hervey Bay Art Society member who does not wish their artwork to appear in this website (and/or in other media) should make this request to the Hervey Bay Art Society Executive Committee in writing (as per the members handbook ).

Hervey Bay Art Society members should note that it is a condition of membership that any art displayed in the Art Society’s Gallery 5 must be an original work of the member that does not breach any copyright (as per members handbook ).

The Australian Copyright Council website is a good starting source for more copyright information including fact sheets here and here .

Legal123 Pty Ltd gives a good explanation of commonly held copyright myths here .

If there are any queries about this page then please contact us.