‘Mainly Clouds’ – using Pastel Over Alcohol-treated Under-paintings – Workshop with Violetta Sandry – 24th Nov & 1st Dec 2021 – Sign Up Sheet now Available

Violetta Sandry has kindly offered her services for two more workshops (after the Nov 10 & 17 workshops were oversubscribed) about doing Pastel over Alcohol-treated pastel underpaintings. As most landscapes have clouds of some sort in them, Violetta has that as the focus – Mainly Clouds.

The workshops will be conducted on Wednesday afternoon 12:30-4:30pm on the 24th of November and the 1st of December 2021 at Gallery 5. Gallery 5 is currently operating under a COVID Safe Plan. Read More>

Total cost for two workshops is $64.

These workshops are limited to 15 participants. Please pay and sign up as soon as possible. The workshop sign up sheet is on the Gallery 5 noticeboard.

For more detailed workshop information please read the ‘Mainly Clouds’ information sheet below. N.B. Flyer shown below contains dates of the first workshop but all other details apply to this new workshop.

Violetta Sandry’s “Mainly Clouds” workshop information sheet